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Body // Exterior

This is just the start. As you can see from the pictures, the rear deck filler panel is quite badly rusted. I have purchased a new panel, which is hopefully going to be fitted during the welding work. The entertaining thing is that the chrome relief moulding(?) has to come off (forgot to photo that), and more worrying, the rear windscreen has to come out (eeeeeeeeeeeek) to replace the panel.
The rear quarter panel is fu... broken as well. The lower rear section of the panel has, well, buggered off down the pub as far as I can tell. This has left the trunk drop off panel exposed, and needs tidying up. The wheel arch was full of pudding when I got it (sorry Steve), which has slowly deteriorated allowing the rust to get in and chew a hole in the rear edge of the wheel arch. The edging strip that covers the edge of the rear bumper is naff and full of holes as well.
29th July 2003
Well, they have replaced the rear panel. The rear windscreen come out in one piece, and went back in too! The panel apparently went in no problem, and seems to fit quite well.

So, all I need now is some poor schmuck, er, I mean "highly qualified professional" to tackle the welding of the rear quarter panel on, and everything will be lovely.
I have a horrible feeling that I will be that schmuck...