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Body // Interior

As you can see, once all the soft furnishings have been removed, the extent of the rust is all too visible ;(.
Anyway, the main (bad) points to note are:

Interestingly (well, to me anyway), there are two 6" by 2½" inch repair panels, one on each side, welded into (badly) the rear floor pans just near the trunk divider panel. Having spoken to the previous owner, "it was like it when I bought it"™. Either way, as the largest hole has taken out the seat belt anchor point, and is within the new(ish) "within 30cm of a structural point" MOT rule, the car is dead unless I get it fixed. So far, she is going to go for initial checking over on 15/04/2003 (fingers crossed). My mate Dave (everyone has one) is a bit of a whizz when it comes to welding rusted out hulks, hell, he owns an Italian car for f&*cks sake, reckons that to have all of the welding done will take about a week. Admittedly, that is one person doing all the work, and without the benefit of a garage. We shall have to wait and see.....

On the plus side, the passenger's side of the car is fairly clear, with only a couple of small holes apperaing in the in footwell and under the seat, both of which are less than a couple of inches in length. Either way, I shall find out when I get the car back.

29th July 2003 and the first half of August
These pictures were taken after I had got the car back, and painted the interior with two coats of Hammerite black. On the hottest weekend in living history. I must need my head examining....