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Interior // Trim // Panels

The interior panels were originally blue, and had been resprayed black along with else. However, 24 years of U.V. light, general wear and tear, and more than a little abuse, the hard urethane trim panels (although, to me, they seem to be made out of some weird plastic/Bakelite hybrid), are now undergoing the most amazing transformation into dust, and need replacing or repairing.

With the exception of the lower rear quarter trim panels, I haven't been able to get hold of new interior panels. So, with that in mind, I decided to have a go at renovating the other panels. Initially, I gently rubbed down the surface of the panels with some very fine wire wool. This removed the years of dirt and the top layer of black vinyl dye that had been used to re-colour the panels when the car was resprayed red. The panels were then washed with a mild solution of sugar soap to remove the dust and crap and stuff.
With the panels prepared, I gave them 3 coats of black vinyl spray. This stuff is odd, it supposedly dyes the urethane, or at least the top layer. When spraying, make sure it is in a breeze-free area, as the dye is quite thick and the propellant can have a hard time getting the stuff out of the can.
Anyway, the finished article (see below) looks pretty good. Once sprayed, and depending upon the product you use, you may have to leave the panels to cure for 24 hours or so before you can re-install them in the car.