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Ok. So, you have an American car. You watched movies like Two Lane Black Top, Grease, Vanishing Point etc., etc., and you think to yourself:
"Gee, I wonder what it would be like to race this thing?"

Then you find out there are these magical places called drag strips.....
Then you find out that for a small fee you can take your beloved racing......
"Run-What-You-Brung", the advert says. Well, I dun brung a car, and I ain't afraid to use it!.
Oh dear.

As a result I found myself at Shakespeare County Raceway (or "Shaky" as it is known), lined up in front of the tree, heart going like a trip-hammer waiting for the green light. And just what a rush it is. Fair enough, BBB is no 4 second fuel car, but it sure as hell felt fast to me!

So, to keep a record of my efforts, I present you with the time slips of the events I have attended. This may evolve into me running in the Sportsman classes here in the U.K., if only to try and keep my inner redneck under control.

If you are interested in doing RWYB yourself, don't be scared!. It's top fun and a good learning experience. You can learn more about it at RWYB