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RWYB // 2004

July 10, 2004 @ Santa Pod

Today, both Tet and myself drove BBB. Tet was using this as a practice for driving Grumpy's Dodge.
Da Tech Gnome came along as well to give advice and generally point and laugh.

Me, I was testing out the new exhaust system ;).
The race number for these slips is 523V. The RT's are above and beyond a 0.400 second baseline RT, i.e. add 0.4 to the ticket RT to get the real RT. Confused? I still am.


Driver Best R.T. (secs) Best E.T. (secs) Best Speed (mph) Number of passes
Tet +0.318 16.084 87.55 9
Me +0.464 16.165 87.34 3