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Before // Stuff done so far

Well, the guy who owned the car before me had the emission control stuff removed, an Edelbrock inlet manifold and air filter fitted, a quad barrel Holley 600 cfm with vacuum secondaries fitted (instead of the dual barrel Rochester(?)) and a custom 2¼" exhaust pipe with glass pack silencer (hah!).

Oh yeah, and he painted it matt black.

With aerosol cans

12 of 'em.

And with good reason. The person who had the car originally imported didn't like the original light metallic blue interior and exterior, so he had the a red paint job done and the interior sprayed black with vinyl paint.
Unfortunately, the ravages of time took their toll on the red paint and turned it a fetching shade of mottled pink. Hence, my friend sprayed it matt black.
Well, the black was a bit patchy, but very cool in a Mad Max kinda way, but I felt the car needed, er, "meaning" up, hence the Motörhead on the bonnet. Heh heh heh
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes. So, why the hell am I writing this drivel? Well, she had her yearly MOT test on 29/03/2003, and failed on a series of things, all boiling down to excessive corrosion around the driver's side rear suspension mount and seat belt anchor point, as well as around the re-enforcing bracket that holds the parking brake cable under the driver's seat. In addition to this, the passenger's side rear leaf spring had sprung and was also very badly corroded. To prepare for the work that needed doing I decided to pull out the interior myself, and work out just what bits were salvageable, and which bits needed replacing.