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Updates // 2003

18 October 2003
Took the car to a Run What You Brung, at Shakespeare County Raceway, Stratford-upon-Avon.
I need a faster car...
Actually, I did okay first time out. And, just for fun, I am going to add a new section to cover the strip/show side of owning this beast. More later. For those who give a damn, the best time I managed was 16.402 seconds at 84.91 mph. And what a rush! Can wait for the next one. Received another order from the Paddock:
18 September 2003
I have just had to have the wind screen replaced, as it cracked.
The reason? Not a stone chip, but a rust "peak" under the glass at the top of the front bulkhead, had put pressure on the left-hand side of the wind screen, producing an 8 inch crack.
So, 250 quid later, all done. Check the Contacts for the relevant details.
10 September 2003
Completed the the rebuild of the sun-visors.
Rebuilt the gear-shifter
Received another order from the Paddock:
14th August 2003
Finally added in the pictures of the repaired bodywork, and the two most vital Contacts.
2nd August 2003
Well, the biggest update is I have revamped the site, added this page and the Contacts page. I have also updated the relevant sections with new pictures and descriptions and stuff.

Cleaned and shined the majority of the interior trim panels. Started reconditioning the sun visors. I seem to have gone through the worlds supply of vinyl paint! Ah well, it looks pretty.

30th July 2003
Received another order from the Paddock:
29th July 2003
Got the car back from B.H.P. (eventually!). Feels like it has been away forever, but the guys have done a stunning welding job. They also fitted new rear springs and shocks, fitted the rear deck filler panel and readjusted the carb for the MOT. So, not only is she legal again, but she is unlikely to fall apart for a while, and she can handle bumps. Yay!
June 2003
Received another order from the Paddock:
May 2003
Received another order from the Paddock: