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Updates // 2004

5 July 2004
Hmm, Summer Nationals where a bit of a wash out, as if rained for most of Saturday. However, there was some good racing and got to meet some friends at the track.
In terms of updates, I have added a new page, Journal, which wraps up a LiveJournal. The reason being, I want something a little more flexible for doing updates of a less technical nature. However, this page will still be used for updates on the car.

On that note, Smax Smith has suggested I should get a 10 bolt Posi-traction axle, and his bottom-end mechanic, Rob, has suggested that I get a set of aluminium heads to help BBB breathe easier.

25 June 2004
A tweak, tweak here. A tweak, tweak there. main addition is the new Mechanical page. As and when I do mechanical stuff, it'll go in here. Right, tomorrow is the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod. Joy ;)

24 June 2004
Erm, look, I was busy alright? The dog ate it, er two bigger boys stole it, er, erm....
Aw, crap, alright, I am a lazy git and I have been too damn busy with work, my band and life to update recently. But with out further ado, I have done so, and made a few changes. I have removed the All Done and Dusted in favour of a RWYB page, which tells tales of daring do. I have also added some more Contacts and miscellaneous links.

In other news, I found an oil leak coming from the passenger side valve cover, which really put paid to racing etc., up until now that is! I have just installed a pair of rather spanky Proform valve covers, oil breather cap, and air cleaner from Ultimate Spares of America. Black, black, blackity, black!
Plus, I have had a twin exhaust system fitted (eventually), Hedman Headers, the whole thing. The work was done by B.H.P. (naturally), but one minor complaint, it's too damn quiet! Realistically it isn't, and the tone is luvverly, but I want a car that sounds like a Pro-mod!

On the interior front, I have cleaned and replaced the carpet, front and rear seats, and some of the interior paneling (driver's side). However, I need to get the rear wing welded (and soon), so it will probably all have to come out again.
Oh yeah, and a fuel leak is a bad thing right? After I fitted the new valve covers etc., BBB decides she need to pee, PEE NOW DADDY! After mush arseing around, I eventually fixed the leak. Grrrr.