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Updates // 2005

4th March
Added the new page covering the axle refitting. Read all about it here. I have also updated the Contacts page with Speedworks details. And lastly, I have re-written the VIN Decoder in PHP, resulting is far quicker and slicker result.
In other news, the car has been dropped of at Dane Coachworks of Ealing to do the bodywork required to get BBB through the MOT. An extremely reasonable quote, pleasant staff, but the car is out of action for about a month. Therefore, don't expect an update for a while.

So the major thing is the site has be re-worked.
The original format sucked rocks, and basically annoyed the hell outta me. As a result, I have given it a major slap, trying a few things, like Server Side Includes etc.

In terms of what is going on with the car, well, that has pretty much been covered in the Journal, but I will re-cap when I have the time.

Admittedly, there bound to be some problems with dead links etc., but I'm working on it...