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Before // Vehicle ID

And now for the boring numbers bit:

VIN: 1Q87G9N506372
Body Plate line 1: 79 09C 1FQ87 N 015639
Body Plate line 2: 24R 24L 24U L
Body Plate line 3: A51
Body Plate line 4: BUE 150246

So, what does this all mean? Well, starting with the VIN plate (using the Camaro Restoration Handbook by Tom Currao and Ron Sessions):

Division: Chevrolet
Car line & Series: Camaro
Basic Body Style: Sport Coupe (Camaro)
Engine Type: L14 305 cu. in., 2 bbl.
Model Year: 1979
Assembly Plant: Chevrolet - Norwood
Sequential Number: 506372

And the body plate:

Model year: 79 = 1979
Build date: 09C = 3rd week September
Model description: 1FQ87 = Chevrolet Camaro, base level, 2 door coupe (we knew dat)
Assembly Plant: N = Norwwod, OH
Body Sequence: 015639

Interior Code: 24R, Bright Blue, standard vinyl
Lower Body Colour: 24L, Bright Blue
Upper Body Colour: 24U, Bright Blue
Paint Type: L = lacquer
Seat Code: A51 = bucket seats
Column & dash Colour: BUE, which I'm assuming means "blue" as that's the colour under the black.
All of this seems to fit the car as it stands now. I have yet to check the engine and axle codes to see if they match the VIN and body plate.

Decode your own VIN.

This should work for most Chevrolet VINs from 1972 to 1980.

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