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Before - Stuff done so far

As I said in the Introduction, Cally and I have had our ups and downs. This has resulted in her not being exactly the same as when I first got her.

For starters, I had the rear axle replaced after I threw the car off of a roundabout. I believe it has the same ratio as the previous axle, but to tell, I need to get under the car and have a look.

Not long after that, I had the gearbox changed, but only after I had lost 1 st and 2nd (I was hard up ok?). Just recently, I changed the gearbox again for a reconditioned 5-speed Type N purchased from Tickover, as the four speed had died, completely losing 1st, i.e. depress clutch, try to select gear, and find you can't actually push the gear shift out of neutral and into the gear you want. The really annoying thing is, when I took the gear box apart, there was no "obvious" damage. Grrr. Anyway, the new 5-speed (with adapter plate) dropped in beautifully.

The original 1600cc broke just gone 100k miles, luckily just as I was pulling up outside my house!. So, after much ringing around, and getting helpful responses like "Well, yeah I've got a 1600 under the bench, no idea if it'll work though, yours for 50 quid", it was off to Norfolk Capri Spares to have a 2.0 litre fitted. Apparently (and just how true this is I have no idea or way of verifying) the engine came out of a GL that had been used as a pace car at some race track, and had been fitted with a mildly hot cam shaft. The engine was definitely sparkier than the old 1600, and seems to rev more freely and have a different power curve to the other 2.0 litres I have driven.

A couple of months ago, I had the head reworked, with hardened valve seats put in and the valve stem seals replaced as Cally thought it would be funny to imitate a crop duster and eat oil faster than Shell can produce it! Man, that made one hell of a difference. The work was carried out by Tickover and spiffing job they did too.

The original 32/36 DGAV Weber has been replaced with a new unit, and the old box air filter replaced with a K&N unit. The original coil has been replaced with a high power Bosch coil and ,even though I haven't fitted it yet, I have a new distributor. For the sheer bollox of it, I replaced the old valve cover with an aluminium unit. These bits all came from Burton Power.

The rear suspension has been completely replaced with components bought from the Capri Club International. However, the shock absorbers they supplied were an inch too short, resulting in the suspension making this horrific *BANG* sound each time I drove over a dip. So I am still running the original shocks.

The braking system has been revamped with the brake hoses being replaced with BF Goodrich steel braided versions, new master cylinder, new rear slave cylinders and drums. I have a pair of new/reconditioned calipers to put on, at which point I think I will also change the discs.

I feel like I have gone through numerous water pumps and radiators, it's probably only 2 or 3 of each, but it sure as hell feels like more.

Interior wise, I have replaced the seats with those from a 2.0 S, so instead of the black and white hounds tooth/check affair, I now have black with red pin stripes. Which is handy s it complements the dash board and the style sheet for this web site :). I got a rear parcel tray (courtesy of Capri Club International) and a set of car mats. However, the instrument cluster is in need of some attention as the speedo, tacho, fuel gauge and back lighting don't work all too well any more. I do have a replacement unit, just not the time.

I had to replace the near-side door (in a fetching green/blue) after an accident a couple of years back. Grrr. Roundabout/woman driver interface, nuff sed!.

The exhaust system has been replaced with a sports manifold, and Club system, again all from the Capri Club International.