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Updates - 2005

Well, hello and welcome. Pull up a bollard and sit down.

Somewhat amusingly, the first update of the new site is that Cally is not in a fit state to drive at the moment. Too explain: my mate Tet borrowed Cally to head up to Sheffield to work on a certain Top Fuel dragster of our acquaintance. There he was toodeling up the M1, and near the junction for Leicester, a huge cloud of smoke erupts from the back of the car, and then from the front. Quite rightly, Tet throws the car on to the hard shoulder, kills the motor and pops the bonnet.

"Oh bother", he thinks, "surely the oil is meant to be *inside* the engine?".

Apparently, the PCV pipe had blow out of the block, and most of the oil deposited inside the engine bay. "No matter", thinks Tet, "I'll just replace the oil, put the PCV back, and continue on my way."
So he checks the dipstick to see how much oil he needs.

"Ah." spake Tet, "oil is not meant to look like lentil soup is it? I think I'll be calling the recovery service."

It looks like (although we will not know until we have had a look) the piston rings have gone, resulting in massive fuel blow-by, over pressurising the sump, popping the PCV, but also destroying the oil in the process.

As a result, I am without car for the foreseeable future. Well, at least until I can get the car to Tickover.

However, this is not new, I have suspected for sometime there was a problem, especially as in mid-January, she did the same trick, but with out trashing the oil, and thankfully I was on a motor way, just driving around town. Plus, I had noticed that for a while now, when you accelerate away, there would be a small blue cloud left behind. Now, this did lessen when the head was reworked, but....